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Utahime no Shouzou 3

The fans of the “Dead or Alive” series of videogames will recognize Helena Douglas as a tough and serious boss-lady. The thing that the parody genre is great for is that it lets us take a fresh view of the well-known characters. This time, you’ll see Helena as a submissive addict to humiliation and sexual pleasure, even the public ones! If you’re ready to be amazed by her, you will definitely.

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Waifu Taxi [Accel Art] Princess Peach – english

Princess Peach attends an event for the glossy magazine. She gets into an auto when something happens and Peaches loses control of the situation. She really wants to show herself to this strange taxi driver. Peach starts to undress. Taking off her dress, Peach is left with white lacy underwear.. Damn, she's gorgeous. Then Peaches takes off her underwear and starts giving the taxi driver a smack on the throat. Following that, the strange taxi driver fucks Peach in her luscious pink cunt. Enjoy.

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DOA Rakuen Bitch (Dead or Alive) [English] [Panatical]

Are you into fighting videogames? Are you into curvy ladies? Then probably there is absolutely no need to introduce to you these wonderful hotties from the world famous series “Dead or Alive”! And you also probably know that when these girls are not fighting in an official videogame then they are fucking in hentai parody comics! And what we have here is a comics. Get it?

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Hane o Nakushita Nyotengu-san

If you’re not able to understand dialogs in japanese languageyou still should look into this comic parody due to the amazing artwork! Only the amazing artwork can accurately translate Nyotengu’s (“Dead or Alive”) sexual desire. This cute little girl is willing to do whatever it takes to transform her dominance status into an unhelpful living fucktoy.

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Two juicy lesbians went to the beach for a day of relaxation. The girls got out of their clothes and began sunbathing without cover-ups. The girls started to kiss and rub each other’s large peaches. Then, they stripped off and then they started to lick. And then they had sex.

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Spring Break

Although it is a fun and hot time of the year, if you’re fortunate enough to be surrounded by DOA hotties, this could turn into the most exciting and hot moment of your life… or one of the most hilarious hentai parody comics you have ever read! This is why we have a an beach resort, and two sweet cuties Lei Fang and Hitomi looking for some fun and active entertainment…

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Master of the martial arts? It is sometimes apparent that the ladies chosen for “Dead or Alive”, are chosen based on their boobies or other body curves. And to be honest we don’t have anything against such technique since it presents us with an array of hentai-themed parodies! And while reading this comics you will enjoy the hottest action scenes starring Ayane, Tina Armstrong and Lei Fang!

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Dead or Alive X – Summer Naked X

A curvy, hot-looking girl in a bikini and swimsuit is not obliged to wait around for the outcome. She can meet a big, muscular stud who is eager to please her right away! What if she happens to be a “Dead or Alive” contestant? This will not affect anything!

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[DirectorEroko] Core Values 6 – Breaking the Girl (Dead or Alive)

A number of hot girls from the “Dead Ro Alive” event are planning to take a dip in hot springs, or near. It seems that they aren’t the only ones seeking peace – there will be many perverts! What do you think will take place when these two businesses finally get together in the romantic setting that has been the main focus of numerous haentai tales?

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Kasumi and Ayane from the “Dead or Alive” series were involved in some grave trouble, but instead of worrying about the situation and trying to sort it outthey decide to do exactly what they’re supposed to do – put on an amazing lesbian sex show! Naturally, their show is well-received and soon the show turns into a wild sexual orgy, with lots of hard cocks as well as numerous cumshots of our ninja-like ladies!

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