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Tengu Shibori

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DOA Rakuen Bitch (Dead or Alive) [English] [Panatical]

Are you into fighting videogames? Are you into curvy ladies? Then probably there is absolutely no need to introduce to you these wonderful hotties from the world famous series “Dead or Alive”! And you also probably know that when these girls are not fighting in an official videogame then they are fucking in hentai parody comics! And what we have here is a comics. Get it?

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Hane o Nakushita Nyotengu-san

If you’re not able to understand dialogs in japanese languageyou still should look into this comic parody due to the amazing artwork! Only the amazing artwork can accurately translate Nyotengu’s (“Dead or Alive”) sexual desire. This cute little girl is willing to do whatever it takes to transform her dominance status into an unhelpful living fucktoy.

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